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Penguin Parent Testimonials

These words were written by current and past parents of the program

Coach Tex has been a wonderful role model. My son has blossomed as a player and a young man in the years he has been under Coach’s guidance. DFW Penguins focuses on player development in a friendly environment and has a great relationship with the kids. Not only has our son's confidence and skills improved dramatically, but he played for his high school “A” team in freshman year, and has already been tapped for next year, none of which we thought was possible just two years prior. We are now thinking of looking at colleges that offer basketball scholarships, which seemed impossible a few years ago. We’ve been super pleased with the team and Coach, and look forward to more growth and success in the years ahead. If you want to elevate your child’s skills, confidence, and love for the game, you’ll feel right at home with the DFW Penguins.

- Claudia K. - June 2018

 A part of the Penguin family since 2015 ( in his 12th season with us)

Our son has been with the Penguins for the past couple of years. What we like is that Coach Tex puts his players first and really takes an interest in what motivates his athletes. He’s tough when he needs to be but also knows that winning, while important, isn’t the only thing that matters. Adopting a strong work ethic, demonstrating integrity, being fair and professional and learning life lessons as well as basketball skills are all part of being a DFW Penguin!

- Doreen S.- June 2018

A part of the penguin family since 2016 ( in his 8th season with us)

"Our two boys, now 15 and 12, have been playing for coach Tex since they first started in organized basketball. My husband is a college basketball coach, so we wanted our boys to have a coach who taught them the game and more.  We value the focus on fundamentals, the winning attitude (and winning the right way) and the high expectations coach Tex sets for the boys to help them mature, have good sportsmanship, be competitive and respect the game. Coach has a great system, and it's been a lot of fun over the years." 


- Jeff & Kim A. - July 2018

A part of the Penguin Family since 2013 ( Oldest son is in his 21st season with us) 

Coach Tex has been great for our son's development as a basketball player. He connects with his players in a way that they not only respect him and work hard for him, but the players also have fun and enjoy being part of the team. I'd recommend Coach Tex and the DFW Penguin program to any players and parents that want to be a part of a positive environment that's very well run and built for team and personal success.

-Jeff W. - July 2018

A part of the Penguin Family since 2018 ( 2nd Season with us)

I am the parent of two sons currently in the Penguins basketball program and I am beyond pleased with Tex's professionalism and the attention to detail he gives every child. I am a very attentive parent and only the highest quality will be given to my children. Tex exceeds my expectations as both a coach, mentor, and role model. My oldest son started with Tex when he was 10 years old and he could barely make a layup, couldn't handle the ball, and was not aggressive at all in the paint. Fast forward just 4 years later and he became a JV starter at our 6A Senior High School when he was a freshman and will be on varsity as a sophomore this fall. None of this would have happened without the combination of Tex's guidance and my son's hard work and determination. If you are looking for a coach who knows Basketball IQ, is very dependable, handles stressful situations with finesse and poise, and will be an excellent role model for your child, look no further than Tex and the Penguins.

-Fern J. - July 2018

A part of the Penguin Family since 2012 ( 24th Season with us)

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